Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first three way

I decided to take my new boyfriend Justin to a gay bar. We had been fucking each other for over 3 months. I was his first gay experience. We were also pretty close by now as friends too.

We met up with some of my friends there. Mike started dancing in front of me. Next thing I knew him and another hot looking guy I never saw were both grinding me at once with me in the middle. I looked over to see my boyfriend staring at us looking pissed. He came over to me and tried to pull me away by the hand. "What are you doing? Trying to piss me off? You're doing it," he said.

Before I could say anything the two guys were grinding him! They thought he wanted some hot ass too. He went from super pissed to a smile instantly. He started to dance and enjoy it probably because he liked the idea two hot guys on him hoping it would teach me a lesson.

Two songs later, I took my boyfriend Justin away from the two guys and started to hold him from behind. I started to grind him dancing. I could feel my hard cock touching his ass. I kissed his neck a little. Nobody does it for me like him.

"I can't wait to get you home tonight Justin," I said. "I can't stand seeing you with other guys though" he said. "It pisses me off" "Relax Justin. It is just in fun. I don't want those little male sluts. You rock my world. Oh and you didn't seem to mind them touching you" He smiled. "The blonde is kinda cute, Marcus" Justin said.

"Mike you want a ride? We are getting ready to leave and the party is about to start at my place with us three." I said. His mouth fell open. "What do you think of Justin? He likes you." "Let's go." Mike said. "He's almost as hot as you."

On the way home, Justin and Mike got to know each other better in the back seat of my car. They were talking and I once looked back and saw Mike kiss his neck. Justin laughed.

We got home, poured a few drinks, and went into my bedroom. Mike started to get down on his knees and undress me. Justin sat on the bed and watched. "hmmmm you smell so good" Mike said to me. Mike rubbed his face into my jeans. He unzipped my pants, and held my cock through my boxers. He came up and kissed my quickly. I could taste a little liquor on his breath. It made me hot even though it wasn't as hot as kissing Justin. He took off my clothes and then he went over to Justin. Mike undressed Justin and then came back and put his arms around me.

"Justin, let me see you stroke you cock" Mike said. Justin started to stroke his cock. "Is it ok if me and Marcus fuck?" Mike asked Justin. "If he wants to go ahead." Justin said. Mike and I laughed. WE hugged and started touching each other's cocks. Mike put his cock next to mine. Me and Justin had never done this. WE held our hot hard cocks together. Our precum mixed as the heads touched. The tip of our cocks gleamed with precum. Justin sat in a chair. I could tell he liked what he saw. He cock was at attention. He stoked it shyly and slowly. "I feel like I am watching porn." We all laughed. "Yeah right." I said. You make me so hot." Mike said to me. Fuck me."

I took out some lube I had under my bed. I lubed up and slid my hard eight inch cock half way up him. He closed his eyes and moaned. "You like that you little slut?" I asked. "Yes…ooohh yes I do. Fuck me hard" he said. I pushed the rest of my hard cock into him. I slowly pulled it out and then pounded it back in. I pulled it out again, and then rammed it in hard again. Each time his moans getting louder. He started to touch his cock. "Stop. Don't touch your cock." I said. "I don't want you to come yet." I said. "Please." he begged. "No" I said. I started to fuck him harder and long. Five minutes later I came and we collapsed on the bed together.

"Marcus, you have never fucked me like that or that hard" Justin said. "I know baby. Mike is more experienced than you and I wouldn't wanna hurt you. Mike knows he's a little slut and the rumors about him in the bathrooms at the bar are true. He likes it like that. I just feel more sensitive to you and didn't wanna freak you out fucking you like an animal"

I switched places with Justin on the chair. Mike went into the bathroom.

Mike came back and took Justin by the hand. "Hi baby" Mike said to Justin. Mike told Justin to lye down on the bed. Mike kissed Justin from his neck all the way down to where his pubic hair started. Mike ran little circles around where the hair started, and touched between his legs. I knew he was teasing his cock. Mike started rubbing up and down his almost 6 inch cock and said "You have a nice looking cock. Not huge but I bet it tastes sweet." Mike sucked off Justin and he came in his mouth. Mike swallowed every drop of cum.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekend With Sarge (part 2)

Jenkins just threw his head back and moaned. "Awwww, fuck, yeah, Sarge!"

I watched Sarge sucking Jenkins while I humped at his ass. Saw a man whose face was normally in clenched hardness now soft and accepting. Sarge was right, he had joined the Army to get at all those hard young dicks! He had two of them right now, and he was in hog heaven! Shit, if I'd known he just wanted us to come fuck him, I would have done this long ago! Better to ride his ass than have him ride ours!

Sarge was insatiable, he hunched at me harder and harder when I began to flag, he sucked on Jenkins' prick until Jenkins began to pant and hunch, when he stopped and growled, "You wait and shove this into my butt, Private. You cream in my mouth and I'll make you regret it!"

"Yes, Sarge!" Jenkins moaned.

Sarge held onto Jenkins' spit-slicked pud and I saw that throbbing rod, knowing it would slide into this hairy hole when I was done, our come would mix, Jenkins' and mine, inside Sarge's butt, oh, God, my buddy and I would share a fuckhole! I wanted to then fuck Sarge again, feel that hot man-juice bubble around my rod! Shit, I wanted to fuck Sarge over and over!

That triggered my climax, I was grunting, moaning and shoving my dong in and out hard as I could, and Sarge only loved it, he took Jenkins back into his mouth and sucked it anew, and Jenkins moaned and the sound of my buddy's moan was all I needed to reach my height!

"Aw, shit, I'm coming, I'm coming!" I moaned. "Ah, oh, God, uh, uhh, huh, uhhhh, huhhhh, huhhh, huhhhh!" My cock spewed my jizz into Sarge's butt, the hot lather boiled around my shaft as I plunge-fucked Sarge, and Sarge let go and moaned himself, so much that I wondered if he was going to come himself.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah!" I panted as I finished.

"Good job, Parker!" Sarge growled. "Okay, Jenkins, your turn, get it in me now, right now, while I'm still hot from Parker's fucking, I need it now, Private, get it in and get moving, now, Mister!"

"Yes, Sarge!" Jenkins moaned and Sarge lay face down and Jenkins straddled him, he shoved his prong hard at Sarge's ass and Sarge only lifted his head and sighed as he slid it in.

Me, I was wiping my cock on the sheets and I got it cleaned up. I wanted him again, right after Jenkins.

When I offered my dick to Sarge, he looked at it, up at me, and he grinned, the first smile I had ever seen on his face. Then he swallowed me and I moaned. Shit, I was young and horny, and I had a hot mouth wet and slavering on my cock, and Jenkins was humping away, sweating and
groaning. I leaned forward, my forehead touched Jenkins, he looked up at me, and I gave him a kiss, one he accepted and gave back to me, then smiled as he turned his attentions back to Sarge's butt.

I was warmed up and ready when Jenkins finished and I said, "Okay, Sarge, time for another fucking, you up for it?"

"Damn, yeah!" Sarge growled. "You can fuck me again, you get it moving! Come on, soldier, move it, move it, come on!"

I happily shoved my dong back into Sarge. I felt the hot squibs of spunk in there, my load and Jenkins, and I had my cock slipping back and forth among it, God, it was so warm in Sarge's ass, so warm! I happily fucked him and came again a quarter hour later. Then Jenkins took him another round. By now, the first rays of dawn were peering in at the window. I fell asleep about that time, no neat line of three guys, just a jumble of our bodies, worn out, sated, sleeping.

I woke up again some time later, it must have been afternoon for the sun which had first shone against our window was gone entirely. I sat up in bed, now stark naked and looked over at Jenkins, similarly nude. I vaguely remembered getting undressed after my second fucking of Sarge's ass, so being naked didn't worry me none. But where was Sarge?

"Marvin? Hey, Marv, wake up!" I shook my buddy.

He sat up, groggily. "Hey, man, what is it?"

"Sarge is gone."

"Yeah?" Jenkins looked around. "Damn, I'm surprised the guy can even walk, after the fucking we gave him."

"Yeah, but...what if he goes in and tells someone about us!"

"Tell them what?"

"We followed him out of the bar, and him falling down drunk." I pointed out. "He tells people he was raped by us, which one would you believe?"

"You don't think he'd do that, would you?"

"I don't know."

"What are we...."

That was when the Sarge came out of the bathroom. Wearing only a towel about his waist, he was a hairy-chested vision of male virility. "Good morning, Privates." he said.

"Morning, Sarge." I said. "How are you doing?"

"Not bad at all." Sarge said.

"You were...pretty wasted last night." I said carefully. "You remember much about it?"

I asked hopefully. He could have forgotten, or got it jumbled or remembered and pretend not to.

"You mean remember you and Jenkins fucking my ass?" Sarge asked. "Twice each."

"Yeah, that." I said, abashed.

"Yeah, I remember."

"What are you going to do?" Jenkins asked him fearfully.

"Do? You boys have a three-day pass, don't you?"

"Yes, Sarge."

"Yes, Sergeant."

"Good." Sarge pulled off his towel. "In that case, which one of you wants to fuck me first?"

As Sarge came toward us, I realized that the rest of my three-day weekend pass had just gotten booked solid!


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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weekend With Sarge (part 1)

By Tommyhawkl

"My God!" Jenkins said almost worshipfully. "What the fuck is Sergeant Ramrod doing in here?" Sergeant "Ramrod" Ramirez (a white guy, or mostly, despite his last name), was in a bar. Our bar! Okay, nothing official about it, but the bars around bases do tend to "specialize," one or two bars for officers and a couple more for non-coms and the others, usually the cheaper ones, for the enlisted men. That was "Edward's" all right, a cheap dive with cheap beer at cheap prices. Just right down a poor PFC's budget. Non-coms should have been two blocks down at "Reba's" which was (so I'd heard) a slight improvement in taste and about the same prices as we had. But there was Sergeant Ramirez sitting at a table, holding a discourse with a guy in civvies some two decades older than Sarge, but with a military haircut that said he was Regular Army and damned proud of it!

We avoided their table warily and went over to the bar. We were off duty and on a weekend pass, so our drinking wasn't anything even Sergeant Ramrod was likely to get his ass in a twist about.

But no private who had endured a tongue-whipping from the Ramrod was going to ignore his presence entirely. Jenkins and I talked, but every so often, we would look over to where Sarge was locked into a long, heated and, from all appearances, emotional confrontation with this older man.

Whatever the argument was, Sarge lost the argument. The older man got up, said something that made Sarge visibly wince, and left. Sarge ordered a pitcher of beer in a loud voice, which he got.

We kept watching, Jenkins and I, and our conversation and plans for the evening dropped away without mentioning it. Sarge was a pain in the ass, with his hard-ass attitude and his nitpicking attention to detail...but damn it, he was OUR pain in the ass. Who was that bastard who had made him miserable now?

We learned that a bit later. Conklin had come in, waving a handful of cigars. His wife had just had a baby, a boy, his first, and the cheers and good humor seemed to strike something in Sarge. We were all offering Conklin toast after toast of cheer and happiness. "To Fatherhood!" was the one that seemed to trigger it.

"To Fatherhood!" he yelled out. Shrieked, actually. Not his usual calm loud voice, this one seemed ripped from him. "Here's to my father, that hard-ass sonofabitch who walked out of here not a half hour ago! Most decorated fucking soldier in the whole fucking Korean conflict! And me, his son, named for him, carrying his name like a fucking anchor around my neck, knowing that I'll never be as good as him, never as brave as him, never as honored as him, no matter what the fuck I do! I joined the Army and do they let me go to Afghanistan or Iraq and do something? Hell, no! And my father, my fucking Congressional Medal of Honor father, makes that out to be my fault, and I'll never be as good as him, ever, no matter what the fuck...." I guess he realized he was repeating himself at that point, for he dropped it and said, "So I'll drink to fucking Fatherhood! I just wish I was drinking this fucking toast over his fucking grave!" And Sarge drained his glass, took aim at a picture on the wall, and let fly. Both drinking glass and picture glass fractured in an explosion of shining knives.

Sarge took off toward the door, which was just as well, for I saw the bartender pulling out his sap, ready to take it out of Sarge's ass.

"Poor fucking bastard." Jenkins commiserated. "That must have been his father who left."

"Glad he wasn't my father." I agreed.

"Poor fucking bastard."

"Yeah, but he's OUR bastard." I said. "What do you say we take his flanks until he returns to base?"

"Hell of a night off this is turning out to be." Jenkins lamented but he came with me.

We caught up with Sarge a bit of a ways down the sidewalk and a damned good thing. He had just confronted three guys from another unit and was gigging them for being out of uniform, slapping their passes away when they offered them and generally being a son of a bitch himself.

"Hey, Sarge, come on." I said, taking one of his arms. "We got to get back to base and we can't remember the way."

"Bunch of damned pussies, all of you." Sergeant Ramrod slurred. He was more than three sheets to the wind, for sure. "I ought to whip all your asses just for being here, when you ought to be back at base."

"Yeah, Sarge, take us back to base." Jenkins urged him. "These guys are here on a pass, but our passes are expired and we don't remember how to get there."

"You'd better get him to bed somewhere fast." one of the guys he had confronted said.

"Fucking pussies, all of you." Sarge said to him.

"Come on, Sarge, let's go find us a place to crash and we'll all find the base in the morning, okay?"

"Waste of the Army's money, you ask me." Sarge said. "Ought to cashier every one of you and start all over again with some real men."

"That's right, Sarge." Jenkins said as he caught one of Sarge's arms. I caught the other one, for the Sarge was going down. He didn't pass out, but his legs became unable to adequately support his rather large frame. Between Jenkins and me, he kept his vertical altitude and we steered
him toward a Motel sign just ahead, with a "Vacancy" sign under it.

A "Vacancy" sign that must have gone out or added a "No" in front of it the minute we walked in the door. One room left. One bed, queen-sized. Two men could share that bed, but three were going to find it crowded. And with Sarge one of the three, it was going to be a very, VERY grotty night!

Getting undressed was not a real option here. Just lie down, wait for morning when we could send Sarge on his hungover way and then try to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Jenkins and I put him in between us, we figured if he got up in the night, one of us would wake up and know about it.

Sarge didn't get sick and he didn't go to sleep. Instead, he moaned, weeping sometimes, griping sometimes. And thrashing, always thrashing. You try to sleep during that crap. Three times he had to go to the bathroom, I took him in the first time, Jenkins the second and then I had to do tinkle duty the third time. He was just barely functional. I steered him back to bed and pushed Sarge onto his side, facing away from me, and crawled groggily onto the bare foot and a half of bedspace that gave me, shoved my body firmly against his in hopes of getting a bit more room. I left the light on, no way was I getting much sleep tonight and I was tired of guessing what was going on in the dark. Leave the light on, sleep if I could, and wait until morning and we could shove Sarge out the door!

"Nothing but pussies." Sarge said to me. "The whole lot of you, nothing but pussies."

"Aw, jeez, Sarge, go to sleep!" I moaned. "It's three in the morning!"

"God damn!" Jenkins said and that in wonder. "What is that pushing up against my ass?"

"It's not me, I'm on this side of him." I said.

"Fucking Sarge has got a boner!" moaned Jenkins. "I can feel that mother pushing against my ass!"

"Fucking pussies, both of you." murmured Sarge. "Nothing else pussies are good for but for fucking. Ought to fuck both of you."

"The hell you are!" Jenkins protested. "Harry, we got to put up with this?"

"It's just until morning." I said. "Calm down, Marvin, he's not fucking anyone with that in his condition."

"Easy for you to say." Jenkins groaned. "He's not hunching at you like a ten-dollar whore!"

"He's in position for me to hunch at him." I offered. "Shall I hunch him for you?"

"Maybe you ought to." Jenkins said. "I think I feel a moist spot from his dick on my ass!"

"Poor baby." I mock-mourned for him.

I shifted in bed, my crotch hit Sarge's ass, a pure coincidence despite our conversation I assure you. I had a bit of a stiffie in my pants, nothing that the conversation and my youthful horniness couldn't explain.

"Mmm, want some of that, pussy?" Sarge muttered. And damned if he didn't start hunching back against me. "You want to plug my hairy butt, private?"

"Oh, shit!"

"Is he humping at you, now?'

"Goddamned straight he is!" I gasped. "Shit, now he's grinding against me!" For he was, his buttocks had my cock in a vise grip and was moving in a motion that was the next best thing to a handjob, and my cock, already primed for maybe a bit of hey-hey-hey (to quote my older brother) later that night if the Fates had been kind, was more than ready to accept this as a substitute.

"You want my pussy, private?" Sarge grunted as he humped at my crotch.

"Shit!" I groaned. "Sarge, if you don't stop that, I'm going to fucking cream in my shorts!"

"You wouldn't?" Jenkins was scandalized.

"You don't have Sarge's buttocks clamping onto your rod!" I was now beginning to add my own twists to this. Hell, I wasn't one to try to seduce my own sergeant, but if he was going to offer himself, fuck, why the hell not? I didn't have to do nothing but let him do his thing! Maybe I would cream in my briefs, but fuck, that's better than whomping your pud in the shower in the morning.

"You're not really going to fuck Sarge in the ass, are you?"

"Uhh! He keeps this up, I don't have to. But he's fully clothed and so am I."

"You want to fuck me, private?" Sarge asked me again.

"I sure would enjoy that, Sergeant." I said.

"Then come on and fuck me."

"What?" Jenkins asked.

"You don't mean that, do you Sarge?"

"I mean it, Private!" Sarge said. "I got a real need for a hard Army dick in my butt. Nothing like a horny young PFC to really give me the ass-pounding I need. So come on, let's get this butt-fucking going!"

"Hey, Sarge, you shouldn't ought to tempt me with an offer like that in my condition." I joked. "I might take you up on that."

I felt it then. Sarge was pulling down his pants! I felt bare butt now on my pants front. Shit! Sarge was serious!

"You really want me to fuck you, Sarge?" I asked him dubiously. "I mean, seriously?"

"Yeah, come on, it's why I got into the Army for. Not that jerk asshole of my father! I got in because one time I went to visit my father on the base and ended up in a barracks with a hard cock up my ass. Joined up the same fucking day! Now I take my pick from the hard prongs on the base, everyone wants to fuck their sergeant! Especially when they're about due to ship
out, like you two are. So spit in your hand and rub it on and shove it in! I've taken bigger ones than yours, Private, and I've taken them dry! Give it to me now, you hear me, Private?"

"I hear you."

"Jesus, Harry, you're not really going to fuck him, are you?" Jenkins wanted to know.

"Why not?" I said. "He's the one who hunched against me and got me horny. He's the one begging me to do it. He says stop and I'll stop. Otherwise, yeah, I'm fucking him."

"Jesus!" Jenkins said again, this time slowly.

I unzipped and got my dick out, then spat a glob of saliva into my palm. I had some trouble getting my hand down there, because when Sarge felt my dong pressing against his ass, he started trying to push it into himself even without my spit. I held him off long enough to grease my rod, then I helped him guide me to his butt. I felt that soft tucker first touching, then opening to let my dong slide in and I just moaned! "Oh, ahh, fuck!" I grunted. "Sarge is letting me fuck his ass, Marvin. Letting me fuck him, shit, oh, God!"

"No fucking way!" Jenkins groaned. "I don't fucking believe it!"

I was beginning to hump Sarge's ass now. He was fucking back at me, Christ, that felt so damned good! Sarge's ass was no cherry butt, he had taken hard dicks before, and his butthole was vouching for that. All soft and warm and accepting, no catches or kinks in it. Like it was stretched out to service hard Army cocks. Add that to the Sarge who had kept me on my toes for the entire time I had known him, nothing was ever nearly good enough for him, you had to do it right and completely right, or he'd make you do it over. Now I had that man down and I was hunching his butt! Sweet, yeah, God damn it, sweet!

"Good job, Private, come on now, fuck me harder!"

"Oh, God!" Jenkins moaned. "I can't believe you're doing that! I can't believe it."

"You want some of this when he's done, Private Jenkins?"

"Sarge? Hell, yeah, I do!"

"Why don't you get that cock up here and I'll suck on it while you're waiting." Sarge offered.

"A-a-a-a-ah!" Jenkins moaned. He jumped to his feet and shucked out of his pants, and climbed in at the head of the bed. I saw Sarge raise up and Jenkins slide underneath and Sarge happily stuffed Jenkins' prod into his mouth.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


As I grew older I became more and more shy. Never feeling truly comfortable with guys. I was beginning to believe that I would never actually be with a guy and became content with masturbating - I actually developed quite an ability. In college, however, something happend to change that.

In my sophomore year I was selected to travel with a summer promotional team that criss crossed the country promoting the school and recruiting students. It seemed like it would be exciting and would open opportunities for discovery. It was a team of eight people: four girls and four guys. Every night we would share rooming assignments - guys rotating with guys, girls with girls. It had been for the most part an average kind of expereince we were doing our thing and everything was going ok. One night we were in a town on the Jersey sure. I was assigned to room with Kevin. Kevin and I had known each other from the time we started college. I wouldn't consider ourselves good friends but we got along fine. He was attractive and had a good build (he ran, often as mush as ten miles a day). While I looked at him lustfully occasionally, I never gave him much thought because he had been dating the same girl for two years and had recently become engaged. That night was pretty much like all the other nights. We both undressed (unfortunately he wore boxers) and got in our separate beds. I talked with Kevin more that night than in the whole two years I had known him. I knew he liked to run but I also found out that he loved baseball and that he met Sherry his senior year in high school. We talked about past girlfriends and that he had not really dated anyone seriously until Sherry.

The next morning, we got up but had a couple of hours to kill before we were to leave for the next town. Kevin and I decided to go for a run (I was able to talk him into only going 5 miles). We got back, showered, and changed (unfortunately, he changed his boxers in the bathroom) and got ready to meet the others. I was just about to pick up my bags when he came up to me and said, "I just want to thank you for talking last night and the run this morning" and then he hugged me. I really was taken back by this and I didn't know what to think. I summerized that he must be the "touchy-feely" kind although It felt more than that. I finally mentally
dismissed it as innocent and we left.

Kevin and I talked a lot but it was nearly a week before we roomed together again. We were in New York state and we were checking into a small motel. Kevin and I ended up in a room with only a qyeen bed (I know you can see it coming). I felt like Kevin would be uneasy with this so I offered to stay on the floor - it would only be one night and I would be fine. Kevin then countered with his offer and we went back and forth until we agreed to share the bed. We began to settle in and undress (Kevin again in his boxers). We laid there in the bed for a while, just
talking shit like you usually do when you room with someone, when something happened I will never forget. All of a sudden Kevin began rubbing my hand with his finger. Instantly my heart began to race. It took me a minute to figure out what was happening and at least another to get over the shock. I didn't immediately respond and Kevin stopped and everything became silent. We both kind of laid there for a minute - I'm sure Kevin was wondering what I would do while I was wondering if Kevin
was suggesting what I though he was suggesting. Sound confussing? Well, it was. Not hearing anything from him for what seemed like forever, I rolled on my side with my back to him.

After a short moment I felt a finger begin to slide slowly down my back stop at the elastic band on my briefs and work it's way back to my soulder blades. I knew then what Kevin wanted and it made me all the more nervous -I had never been intimate with a guy before (well, only in my mind). Finally, I got the nerve to roll over to my back again to face the ceiling. I guess taking that as a signal, he placed his hand on my chest and worked his way down. At first he cupped my balls and dick through my underware. At his soft touch I immediately began to stiffen (I had never
in my 19 year old life ever been touched by anouther man). Feeling that I was becoming aroused, he slid his hand under the waistband and began to massage me. I gathered my mental state and finally said, "Kevin, what are you doing? What about Sherry?" His reply was simply, "I can't help it if I like guys too."

At that point I was fully erect with my cock head pocking way out from under my briefs so that only the bottom half of the shaft, my balls and Kevins hand were still under there. He wasn't jacking me off, but was massaging and exploring. Still not sure what to do, I placed my hand on
his chest and began to rub his tits. I was amazed at how hard his nipples were. I slowly let my hand slide over his abs and back up again feeling his smooth, hairless skin.

I guess having become satified that I was fully hard, Kevin garbbed my cock and just held it. With the other hand he through the covers completely off and it was then that I finally saw him. He was great - standing there through the slit in his shorts was his hard cock. It was a bit shorter than mine (maybe 7") but was thicker and had a pronounced curve. Having thrown back the sheets he began to slide my briefs completely off, fully exposing my 7.5" digget and balls.

Feeling a bit bolder I decided it was my turn to move and I started to remove his shorts. I knew I was still nervous (although excited) because my hands were shaking as I pulled at the waist band. Raising his ass slightly I was able to get the band over his hardon and slid them off - and there he was in all of his glory. Nestled between his smooth legs was an incredible set of balls - twice the size of mine - hairless and hanging low. Still hanging on to my now throbbing cock he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer and rolled his body so that we were now facing each
other. He let go of my stiff and grabbed my ass cheek and pulled so that our hardened members where pressed against each other.

He then kissed my right tit and slowly worked up my neck finally arriving at my mouth. At first he kissed me lightly then parting my lips with his tounge he went in. I tried to return the pleasure but I'm not sure how well. With each thrust of his tounge he pulled on my ass so that our cocks were pressed harder together. I could feel his mushroom dick head rub my shaft and his balls against my left thigh. In effect we were dry humping each other. I was absolutely beside myself. This is what I had dreamed about while jacking off and now it was a reallity. Like that day at the apartments, the excitement was becoming more than I could stand. Actually touching, feeling, and now having another man was sending spasims of pleasure through my whole body. My balls began to consrict and my rod began to tingle with that unmistakable sensation - I was about to explode. I broke away from his kiss long enought to moan, "I'm cumming". Immediately he pulled away and said, "wait - not yet". He withdrew his cock from mine as I fought to hold back what seemed like the inevitable. It was the hardest damn thing I ever did, I actually began to sweat. My cock began to twitch and I closed my eyes, I knew what was about to happen. Suddenly a small stream shot out out a foot or so. I guess that must have relieved some of the pressure because I was able to hold off the rest. Kevin took his finger, scooped up some of the cum that had pooled on the sheet and slowly stuck his finger in his mouth, sucked on it a
couple of times and then slowly withdrew it. He then ran his finger through the cum again but this time slid it in my mouth. It was the first time I had ever tasted cum before but it has not been the last. That one taste ignited a thirst for warm, thick, salty, man juice that I'm constantly seeking to quinch. By doing this, Kevin told me two things. First, he wanted to suck my cock and was inviting me to do him. Second, I knew Kevin was experienced. He was not as "innovent" as I was led to believe.

After my near explosion I decided that as hard as it might be I was not going to cum before Kevin did and I was going to make sure of that. Casting my inhabition aside, I slowly eased him down so that he was flat on his back, my hands on his soulders, and our cocks and balls again
firmly pressed together. With his dick somewhat softened from our unintended break I could again feel him grow to his full size against me. I gently eased my chest against his and
passionately kissed him - this time not with our tounges but sucking each other's mouths. I couldn't help but begin to hump him again - balls against balls, cock against cock, stomach against stomach. I knew he was enjoying it because he began to meet the thrust of my hips with his. Feeling much bolder and somewhat more in control of my body I decided to do some exploring.

I broke free of his mouth and began to lick his face. I then slowly began to ease my body down so that his cock and balls were against my belly and I began to suck his hard nipples. I could feel his body tense as I teased his tit - I took this as a good sign and moved to the other side. All the while he continued to hump my body and I could feel every fucking inch of his tool rub against my upper stomach. This was now it! I was finally going to get what I had be craving all my life. I eased on down so that his standing cock brush my right cheek and my mouth found those beautiful balls. I took them both in my mouth and began to suck - the bottom of his shaft pressed against my face. Sucking on his balls for what seemed like forever, I decided it was time to go all the way and let the balls fall from my mouth. Grabbing the base of his cock I positioned myself to take it. I liked my way up the shaft savering every inch of his salty manhood. Arriving at the head, I just swollowed it - it may not have been the right thing to do but that's what I did. He didn't seem to mind. Trying to inhale all that I could I still only get about half of it down my virgin throat. I mouth fucked him as much as I could, but I could tell he wanted more. Finally he suggested that I spin around so that my cock was in his face. Positioning my dick over his face, with one hand he garbbed my cock and with other my ass. In one swallow, he took it all - it kind
of made me feel bad that I was having trouble with his. Nontheless, with a couple more attempts in my new, and might I add - highly pleasurable position, I was able to finally swallow his whole cock.

Pulling my ass with his hands and thrusting his head he was working my cock like crazy. Getting more comfortable with his cock in my mouth I was now up on my hands mouth fucking him as hard as I could. Still, I began to feel that I would soon cum. Wanting to hold true to my
undisclosed promise, I allowed my cock to slip free of his mouth. I moved up on my knees thinking that would keep him from my dick for a while as I worked even harder on him. But I was wrong. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass back into his face and he begand to tounge my ass. This litterally sent spasims through my entire body. My cock began to twitch up and down and I knew I was about to cum. Frantically, I began to use my fist on the base of his thick shaft as I continued to suck - harder now more than ever. After what seemed like forever, I could begin to feel him tense and his breathing grew deeper and heavier. I knew now that my goal was soon to be realized.

I quickly withdrew his cock from my mouth and swung my body around so that we were in a position similar to when I started. Again, I was on my hands looking down on him, my cock and balls pressed against his. I began to hump him - balls against balls, his cock against my stomach and mine against his. Fighting to hold back my cum, I couldn't hold back any longer. Now I'm not just saying this - I came harder then than I had ever up to then or since. I have never
experienced a release like I did that night. I gritted my teeth and groaned as I shot load after load. It hit the headboard, the pillow, his face and chin and, of course, his stomach. I got at least nine or ten good shots out of that. I my arms nearly buckled as I emptied myself all over Kevin - but I had missed my goal. Beginning to soften, I would not give up and I continued to fuck his
balls. After about a minute or so he finally began to groan and he started to say, "I'm goin...", but before he could finish, he started to shoot. Because of the curve of his cock he hit my face, which was bent down over his chest, and his stomach. He didn't cum nearly as hard as me. I attribute that more to my inability to please than to his ability to cum.

That was my first experience with another guy. We went at one other time that night and several more through the rest of the trip. Once we got back to school, however, we never were together again. He got married and I assume he's doing OK.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I know there is a lot of shit that goes on around here, but I want you to know that this is an honest story. It is not neccessarily a spectacular story - but it's a turn on just to retell it.

This is the first time I ever "really" had sex. I recall always being turned on by good looking guys from the time I ever knew what sex was. I can remember jacking off as early as when I was nine or ten. My first man to man experience, if you want to call it that, was as a seventh grader when two friends of mine (one my age, the other two years older) masturbated together in the woods behind my house. Hell, we didn't know what we were doing, but we knew it felt good. It wasn't long before I was masturbating daily - always alone and always in the privacy of the bathroom, emptying my load into the toilet so that no one would know what I was doing. I would constantly be imagining what it would be like to be with a "man" (17-19 year old). I didn't want to have sex with him - just see him, touch him.

As an eigth grader I began a paper route in a neighborhood about a half mile a way. It was a great experience: I would ride my bike down there,pick up the papers and begin my route every afternoon at 4:00. One day,just a couple of apparment buildings short of finishing. I saw a guy I will never forget. He was getting out of a car with some friends at his apartment. He was unbeliveable. He was a High Schooler, probably 16 or 17, dark blond, medium length hair, about 5'10" or so, and was built even through his clothes I could tell he was built (not musceled - just well built). I just sat there and watched him go in the building and up the stairs. From that day on, every time I did my thing in the bathroom, I was no longer alone - in my mind I was with this guy.

It got so that I could time my delivery to his apartment to coincide with his arival. I never got up the nerve to say anything to him, but once I did say hi and hand him his family's paper. Toward the end of that summer I was rewarded. I had finished his apartment and the next two and was passing behind his building to finish up my last set of apartments. As I was passing underneath his apartment (which was on the third floor) I glanced up and there he was standing on the balcony. The reward was that he was shirtless in only a pair of shorts. He was all I imagined him to be. He had a difined chest, tight abs and a small streak of hair that decended from his belly button to the top of his shorts. That's all it took - I imediately went around the corner between the two buildings, found some bushes and ducked in. Glancing around to make sure I was alone, I quickly dropped the bag of remaining papers and undid my belt and jeans. Sliding my jeans and briefs to the ground together my fully swollen dick sprang free. To show how incredibly horny I was, there were already drops of pre cum oozing from my tender, virgin dick head. I
grabbed the shaft of my cock and began to frantically beat. It didn't take long, the eroticism of the moment and being outdoors was more than I could take. Within two or three minutes I was literally washing down the side of the building with my juice. I had never cum so hard before. I had sprayed so hard that it splattered back onto my legs and jeans. I remember feeling so unbelievably good. As I softened and began to pull my pants back up, I realized that there was cum all over them. I didn't know what to do so I put them back on and sheepishly came out from the bushes wearing my shirt out hoping it would cover it. At that point the only
thing I worried about was making sure my pants dryed before I got home so mom would know. I kept timing my arrivals at his apartment so I would meet him although I never saw him shirtless again. Nevertheless, every time I jacked off, it would be with him.

As I grew older I became more and more shy. Never feeling truly comfortable with guys. I was beginning to believe that I would never actually be with a guy and became content with masturbating - I actually developed quite an ability. In college, however, something happend to change that.